Here’s the totally new Mac Pro


The much awaited WWDC – 2013 event organized by Apple , which took place in June 2013 at San Francisco saw the debut of the newer version of Mac Pro. The Mac Pro has totally undergone a redesign in terms of both external and internal features. In terms of the external features, the Mac Pro has completely gotten a makeover in comparison to the older version. Not only is it one-eighth the size of its predecessor, it has a totally new cylindrical shape – with the diameter 6.6” and the height 9.9”. When compiling the list of new internal features, the highly anticipated 2013 Mac Pro will be undoubtedly the most powerful and creative desktop PC till date. In terms of power, it is twice that of the previous Mac Pro since it is packed with current-generation Intel Core Xeon processors, ECC memory, USB 3 which supports the fast connection of a number of external devices, HDMI 1.4 port, Flash internal storage and support for Thunderbolt 2. There are two GPUs, more than doubling the performance of the previous model and bringing the support for 4K displays for the first time ever. This is also going to be the first Mac designed and assembled only in the US. To summarize, it is actually a masterpiece in terms of its updated specifications which allows engineers, designers and consumers of all kinds the enjoyment of an amazing computing experience!


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