Tom’s Mini Guidebook for Android Usage

Tom likes jelly beans and ice cream sandwiches, too! He will happily help to guide you though your Android usage and apps. Here are some very useful frequently answered questions to guide you when making the switch to an awesome Android Smartphone from a BlackBerry, iOS or Windows phone platform.

 How to install apps on my android?

  • From the Applications Menu, open the Google Play Store.
  • There you will see the display category wise – Free, Paid, Top Free and Top Paid.
  • Here, any option from Applications to Games or Search may be accessed. Use the Search to find a specific one or simply browse until the one you are looking for appears on the list.
  • Each application comes with its own rating and description so prior to installing the app, each one has a great summary tool for you to review.
  • Click on the application to view more details and click the Install button.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and it will be installed.


Where can I get free apps on Google Play?

  • After you open the Google Play Store, there are tabs – Free Apps, Paid Apps, Top Free and Top Paid.
  • You can look there for your favorite apps, either in the Free or Top Free section.

  Google Books – Are they free?

The Google Play Store consists of the major sections – Shop, Apps, MoviesBooks and Devices.  The books section consists of all books which are listed in the store and are contained by the digital database of Google. There are quite a large number of books which can be downloaded into your device. Just as the Play Store, there are books which can be downloaded for free (“Free” listed under the book’s image) and similarly the paid ones (Cost written below the Book).

 Tom cheerfully shares his smile with all of his Android friends!  Enjoy this user friendly guide!   


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