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With the Back to School season warming up and the shopping list of yours almost completed, its time to get ready to start everything once again on a fresh note for the new school year. On the first day, everyone is in attendance, sitting at their newly assigned desk with their goal list ready to excel in all the exams and to score some better GPAs than that of the previous years. Here are some apps which can be helpful for you throughout the school year for managing your academic classes and reaching your goals for each report card:

1. Kno Textbooks – An iPad app containing quite a large number of books available for you at reasonable prices. The textbooks available are very innovative with a 3D representation of facts along with search engines and videos. This app has flashcards and journals in order to help you out with your research. It makes note sharing with your friends very simple along with importing PDFs from the internet, e-mail or Dropbox. You can also try the similar app, iTunesU.

2. iHomework – iHomework, although it is a paid app, you wont mind spending a mere $1.99 to help organize all of your valuable academic information regarding studies, assignments, grades, to-dos and teacher info in one single place. Homework is challenging already, simplify it by using this app to reduce the stress. This app is integrated with – the best research assistant out there. It also allows the syncing of information between your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac.

3. Dictionary & Thesaurus – Once you begin your research with textbooks and are stuck somewhere in between, this app helps you navigate through definitions or to simply improve your vocabulary to impress your public speaking class.

4. Evernote – An app for the critical organization of all school tasks shared across all of your apple devices. You can easily create reminders, save notes, to-do lists, snapshots for everything related to your studies. Another similar option is the Dropbox app.

Once you’re ready for class with your new tablet, Smartphone or Mac,  don’t forget to download these helpful apps. We highly recommend that you also add World Atlas 2013, Wikibot, Cooliris,and  My GradeBook for Students. Stay organized to score high points this year! – See more at:


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