Motorola’s Moto X Unveiled


The Motorola’s Moto X finally has been unveiled. Since Google took over Motorola last year, this is the first Smartphone manufactured by the Motorola brand. The following statement given by Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside at the event, “We are going to show the world what Android can do” spoke a lot in itself. Once the features of this Smartphone were revealed, the statement was totally justified.

motoxThe most interesting thing is its punch line – “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.” This is true because the Moto X gives the users totally customizable exteriors (back, front and buttons). The users can pick from 16 odd colors for the back of the phone, plus black or white colors for the front and border. The buttons can also be customized by the buyer’s choice of color. The most attractive set of features for this new member in the Motorola family are its Touchless Control, Active Display and Quick Capture Camera. The Touchless Control allows the cell phone to perform commands according to your voice. You need not tap your finger on the screen to know about things like weather, directions, or to complete tasks like making hands free phone calls. With the Active Display, this smartphone effectively erases the itch of your finger to wake your screen up in order to see the time or check for the notifications. The Quick Capture Camera gets ready to shoot at a lightning speed and with its high-quality sensor captures quite professional worthy photos.

Apart from these uncommon features, the specifications of the Moto X are as follows:

imagesDisplay – 4.7” AMOLED HD (720p)

Weight – 130 g

Camera – 10 MP Clear Pixel with LED Flash and 1080p video – Rear

                   2 MP 1080p HD – Front

OS – Android 4.2.2

RAM – 2 GB

Storage – 16 GB (Standard), 32 GB (available online), 2 yrs 50 GB storage free on Google Drive

Battery – 2200 mAH (lasts up to 24 hrs)

Overall this Smartphone has a lot of distinguishing features which automatically raises the bar as one of the best Android phones available today.


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