Your forever companion iPhone – get to know it some more!

Becoming an expert with your iPhone is the simplest task to achieve once you actually own one for a while. Still, sometimes any first time task can be a challenge. If you need to install very useful paid apps in your iPhone, there is no reason to worry. It’s quite simple. All you need is the internet connection working on your iPhone and an Apple ID to use the app store. Here are some quick and easy steps to guide you in installing the paid apps:

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Here you see the Category buttons on the top. Along the bottom from left to right are the Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search and Update tabs.
  • Tap on the “Search” tab and type the name of the app correctly which you are wishing to download.
  • For purchasing the app, tap the App’s Price (or tap Free), then tap Buy Now.
  • Make the payments by following the payment instructions and then the app will be installed.

Quite easy, wasn’t it? Handling a purchase on an iPhone is a very straightforward task. You will get to learn many more things gradually as you gain experience with your iPhone.

Another scenario:  You’ve owned your iPhone for a while and the new toy feeling you had when you first purchased it has faded away with the passing time, right? Bored with your built-in iPhone ringtones? Want to create your own favorite song as the ringtone? Then here you go. Below are the steps to guide you:


  • Go to iTunes.
  • Select the song for ringtone.
  • Select the portion which you want as the ringtone. (Note the start stop timing for it. Keep in mind that it should not be longer than 30 seconds.)
  • Put in the Start and Stop time of the song.
  • Make the AAC version.
  • Copy the created file and delete the older one.
  • Change the extension of the created file (from m4a to m4r).
  • Add the file to iTunes.
  • Sync and set.

Now that you have installed your desired ringtone, smile as your iPhone rings and whistle along with it!


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