Back to school with Tom

back to school

Totally geared up for heading Back to School? Let’s check out your Back to School shopping list with the must have items for your checklist.

        1. Clothing

        2. Accessories

        3. Stationeries

        4. Mobile

        5. Tablet

        6. Laptop

So these are the basics tools one needs to be ready to tackle the next school year. Apart from these tools, are you really done with updating your student-of-the-year gear? Of course not, because Tom still needs to add some pizzazz towards your preparations! His additional recommendations are:

        back_to_school_list–      Some cool cases for your Smartphones to let them stay protected, keep you connected and on time in between classes.

–      Your tablets as well need cases while your using them to assist in group presentations and carrying them in your bookbag.

–      You probably own the ultimate studious MacBook to complete your assignments, right? Then a case for your Mac as well. Don’t forget to add a sleeve to it in order to ensure extra protection.

–      When spending countless hours on your laptop while brainstorming assignments, don’t be forced to take a break because the battery is too hot- get a Cooling Pad for it!

–      Screen protectors for your entire gadget collection to keep the screens scratch free.

–      Cool headphones or earphones (whatever you like) to enjoy your listening to music during your lunch hour.

–      Portable speakers to play your favorite tunes on your Mac during study breaks.

Surprised that your list just became a bit longer? Don’t worry, your forever companion Tom has again made things simpler for you. So if you are really looking for some cool accessories for your electronics, you can just go ahead and knock on Tom’s Door at – The one stop shop to make your tech pop! To make you smile, you get free shipping on all your orders without having to comply with any minimum purchases. It’s all because Tom wants you to keep reaching for that perfect 4.0 GPA!


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