Picking up the best earphones for you!


Earphones – accessories to allow you to enjoy your favorite playlists and to go hands free in your long duration video calls with your friend sitting in a far away country. In order to find the best pair for yourself. you must keep in mind some factors. First, you need to decide on whether you want ear buds or over-the-ear headphones? If you want to easily carry the earphones along with you always, then ear buds are the perfect option as they can be stored in your handbags or pockets. Also, if you want to use them while working out at the gym or pacing up with your daily morning jog, then ear buds are the best choice for you as you can comfortably run miles while plugging them into your ears. In case you are quite habitual of making long video calls (both business or personal), over-the-ear headphones are the most suitable ones for you. In fact you can use them while taking a stroll as well and can casually keep them hanging, making you look cool while observing your surroundings. Did we make it easier for  you to decide between the two? Let’s review some other important factors as well:

  • earbudscoverAdjust them by plugging them into your ears or by putting them over your ears to assure the comfort factor they should provide.
  • Play your favorite track at a high volume in order to check the sound quality.
  • You also need to check the noise cancellation or the noise reduction feature.
  • Depending on your usage you must not ignore the cord’s length, so just in case you need to be free from the tangling of wires, go for wireless Bluetooth earphones.
  • For over-the-ear headphones, check whether they are lightweight over your head and comfortable to wear.

After reviewing carefully the points mentioned above, go ahead and pick the right pair of earphones for you to keep enjoying your favorite music tracks or  video calls!


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