10 reasons to choose the iPhone 5 over the Galaxy S4

iphone 5 over s4

The Smartphone world was temporarily in awe after the most talked about Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled in New York on March 14 2013 but in the world of Apple brand lovers, the iPhone 5 is still preferred over any other Smartphone. To make things simpler, here are 10 good reasons why choosing the  iPhone 5 over Galaxy S4 was the right decision for you:

1. iPhone 5 has a dedicated camera button due to which taking snapshots becomes more convenient.

2. The iOS gets updated automatically and so no stress is required to be taken by the user to wait for the release of the OS by the manufacturer or    network provider.

3. The iPhone 5 is approximately 12.80 mm shorter, 0.3 mm thinner and occupies about 36.7 % lesser volume than Galaxy S4 – it’s handy!

4. It is about 18 grams lighter than S4.

5. Also you don’t need to use both of your hands for the iPhone 5 – its about 11.20 mm narrower than S4. You can comfortably make it rest on your palm and use it by the same hand with the other one in your pocket (on a cold winter day, this is a great luxury).


6. The iPhone 5 camera takes 0.15 seconds lesser to turn on and allows you take quality pictures.

7. The shutter lag timings (time taken by the camera to take a photo without focus) is also 0.11 seconds lesser.

8. It has one more microphone (3 with respect to 2) than that of Galaxy S4 making the sound quality better and thereby making a refinement by filtration of background noise.

9.  iPhone 5 has AF (Auto Focus) tracking and once you choose the subject, you don’t need to  focus it the next time.

10.  In the iPhone 5 every camera pixel has 3 sub pixels so the images captured are quite clear and sharp.

Though the Galaxy S4 has many of its own pros, for iPhone 5 lovers the main reasons to stay with Apple are easily noted.


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