Short and sweet tips to make your smartphones some more smart


Taking Panorama photos

Simple steps:

  1. Launch the Camera App.
  2. Tap on the options button.
  3. Select the panorama button.
  4. You will see some instructions on the screen.
  5. You see an arrow guiding you from left to right.
  6. Move your phone across slowly till where you want to click the photograph.
  7. If you go wrong somewhere there will be instructions appearing on the screen to let you know.
  8. Click on the snap taking icon button.
  9. In the same way you can take the photos in a vertical mode in the landscape position.
  10. Here you click your panoramic photo.

images (1)

Disabling data services on Smartphones

In order to use the Wi-Fi instead of the active data service on the Smartphone, you need to disable the running data connection on the Smartphone. For an example, when you use an iPhone the steps you need to follow in order to disable the data connection are:

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data > Off. So your iPhone now is totally free of the active data connection and you can use the Wi-Fi in an unlimited way. Similarly in every other Smartphone, you need to go to the Settings option in the menu, then the Network or Connections option and then you should be disable the active data connection.

Charging the cell phone faster

In order to charge your cell phone faster when the battery has drained of completely, you need to put in the airplane mode (if not expecting some very important calls). This setting automatically stops all of the ongoing tasks and allows the battery to finish charging faster. Also if the running applications are stopped and the RAM is clear, the cell phone gets charged quite faster.

airplane mode

  Starting a drenched phone

xyzFor starting a drenched phone all you need is to power off the device and remove the battery out of it as soon as possible. Then you should detach all the removable parts like covers, SD card, etc. and then dry it with ear buds, tissue paper, etc . Never shake the gadget and instead try to put it inside some moisture absorbing substance like rice container etc. Also you can pull the moisture out of the gadget via a vacuum cleaner. After doing all these systematically you should be able to comfortably start your drenched gadget.


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