Are we really heading towards a super smart Era?

smartphone case cover

With the continuous leaps of technology after the launch of a newer version of Smartphones, the current trend is making our electronics turn brainier day by day. We can see the Smartphones getting sleeker, faster and becoming our electronic buddies – the ones who we always need by our side as they bridge the gap between us and the rest of the world. The current trend encompasses the areas like Displays, User Interfaces, getting eco-friendly by using lesser fossil fuels and many more factors which are responsible for making the Smartphones a bit more than Smart – the Supersmartphones, we can undoubtedly call them now.

As we can see in the past 2012 and since the dawn of 2013, the first thing which can easily get noticed is the beginning of the era of the “phablets” i.e. the blend of both a phone and a tablet. We can also see the notable transition of the smaller screens into the bigger ones as from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 and the very recent Samsung Galaxy SIII to Galaxy S4 and also the AMOLED display technology coming in picture which is more efficient in power and makes the displays quite flexible. The life support systems of these Smartphones – Batteries have also undergone several advancements from Li-ion technology to Li-Sulfur which lasts four times longer than earlier. Also we can see wireless charging, battery cases, etc in trend which promises a better battery management. Some cellphones are now water resistant like the Sony Xperia Z. The user interfaces are also advancing towards eye tracking, motion sensing, face recognition, location based interaction from the simple finger tapping touch screen and voice controls. The multitasking concept introduced by BlackBerry 10 is one of a kind where the user can switch between the professional and personal works as and when wanted. The clouding of contents on different devices like the phones, tablets and laptops of the same make are also making things easier for consumers to access their content from multiple gadgets. The centralization of communication media like messages, social networking notifications, e-mails, etc. in a hub is yet other advancement towards making things simpler and compact. The operating systems are continuously getting updated to their next versions bringing newer technology with every up gradation and making the devices a lot smarter than earlier. Apart from Smartphones, the electronics fleet is getting denser day by day by the evolution of smartwatches, notes, netbooks, and tablets – making people get digitized till hilt. It will not be long until each and every activity of ours would possibly be solely influenced by these gizmos and their mind boggling technological advances!


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