Tips to make your Battery last longer

Battery 1

“Yeah, okay don’t worry we shall discuss the whole matter in the evening after I leave from office. Lets meet at …….” And the phone gets disconnected without letting you complete the most important part of the conversation – the meeting venue and timings. The thing which saddens you even more is that the battery was charged upto the fullest in the morning and it got empty by the end of noon. As the recent launched mobile phones are built up with so many features, there is a faster drainage of the battery because of so many running applications in the background, the continuous buzzing by notifications, etc. So the most crucial part of the cellphone which must be taken care of in order to extract more and more usage out of it is the Battery. Here are some effective tips for saving and maximizing the usage of battery.

  • Turning off the unused features: Some of the utilities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. consume the battery to a great extent if forgotten to turn off. In order to save the battery for a long run these features must be turned off after use.
  • Turning off the not so useful tones: Some of the tones like vibration, warning tones, keypad etc. if not found useful should be turned off as they are responsible for battery drainage to a great extent. The phone can be kept at simple ringing tone in order to avoid the not so needed power consumption.
  • Lowering the Screen Brightness: Too much of illuminated screen also reduces the battery. So in order to use the mobile for a long duration it is advisable to keep the display brightness till the extent it is comfortably visible.

Above were some very important points in order to make you save your cellphone’s battery and not letting your calls get disconnected or interrupted by the irritating low battery warnings!


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