Keep your Gadgets safe and peeping from the Crystal Series!

For the ones who don’t like to have cases for their gadgets and want to hold them the way they are and yet they want to keep them protected and safe from scratches, accidental drops have an option for special cases which let their gadgets be as they are – The Crystal Series. The crystal series of cases are colorful, playful and at the same provide an elite protection to your gadgets. Generally these cases come in different colors and have a firm grip which keeps the Smartphones, iPads, iPods and Macbook protected along with keeping them peeping through their translucence. These cases are designed in such an excellent way that they not only grip the gizmos firmly rather they allow all their functions to work in a marvelous way. The Crystal Hard case Cover for Macbook Pro 13 inch covers and protects your new 13-inch MacBook in the hard shell and gets it defended from accidental damages. The case ensures full access to all ports and the complete movement of screen. It is engineered for a perfect form-fit that accentuates the cool curves of your 13-inch MacBook with a quality bump and scratch protection and a glossy protective finish. It comes in Clear, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple and Orange colors as shown below.

MacBook Cases

Similarly the Clear Hard Series is also there for the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod which have the same features and allow all of these gadgets to reflect their own personality to everyone along with giving them a solid protection.

Crystal Series


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