Knock Knock..Its S4 here!

Samsung Galaxy S4

After the record sales and success of Samsung Galaxy SIII which played a big role in making Samsung the world’s topmost smartphone company in the last quarter of 2012 pushing back its arch rival Apple, here is again a big news regarding the launch of the most awaited next gen Galaxy Series Smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S4. The invites for the event unveiling the Galaxy S4 is actually termed as “Come and meet the new Galaxy” and it is scheduled for 14th of March 2013 in the Radio City Music Hall of the New York city. Also there is a parallel launch event for the public at Times Square along with the ongoing Official event. This event is also tagged as “Episode 1” which might be hinting towards a second big release in the Galaxy series some time later. According to the major rumored specifications, the S4 may use the flexible AMOLED screen with a 5” full HD -1920 X 1020 display. In the Consumer’s Electronics Show, Samsung has already unveiled the next gen 8 Core Processor – Exynos 5410, which hints that it would be used in the upcoming Galaxy S4. Also it is expected to have the 8 Core Graphics Unit. The rear Camera of the yet to come Galaxy S4 is rumored to be of 13MP. Other speculated specifications include its OS and RAM to be Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and 2 GB respectively. According to the most thrilling predictions, one of the features which S4 is going to have is that of the Eye Tracking Technology through which it performs the actions according to the users’ eyes movements. So the countdown has already begun with less than 10 days left for this Launching event of Samsung Galaxy S4 – No more in Roman this time as per the video “Samsung Unpacked”!


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