Taking Care of your Tablets


Tablets are usually one of the major tech utility things and are quite useful in serving the purposes of fun, work and study at home, office and school respectively. Once we own a Tablet and start extracting work out of it, we forget to take proper care of our sweet little PC and don’t at all bother to go through the guideline booklet which came with it. So why wait till it goes weird, here are some points which might be helpful to you:

  • Handle the tablet carefully so as to avoid the accidental drops on hard surfaces which may cause its screen to crush and always use them in Cases or Sleeves.
  • Keep cleaning the screen with soft dampened cloth and always use Screen Protectors to protect the screen from scratches, fingerprints, etc.
  • Do not use specific chemical containing solutions (which are not recommended as in the guidelines booklet) to clean the screen. If possible get a Slate Cleaning Kit to clean the screens.
  • You must keep the batteries charged in a regular cycled way to improve the life of the batteries. Charging them fully after the tablets run out of power completely let the batteries last longer.
  • Remove the battery and clean its metal contacts using alcohol once in 2-3 months. This lets the power transfer between the Tablet and battery in an efficient way.
  • Never use any other power cord apart from the one which came along with the accessories of the tablet. It can damage your tablet beyond repair.
  • Always keep the tablet on flat and even surfaces.
  • If in case there is any accidental spilling of water on the Tablet, then first turn it off and then remove the battery after unplugging it (if plugged).
  • Avoid letting the tablet get exposed to dust particles, direct sunlight, water and other such conditions.

Hope you have been through these points and now on wards take care of your valuable Tablets and pamper them :)!


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