Some interesting accessories for your iPod!

You bought your iPod for listening to your favorite to your favorite tracks, but accessorizing it for further protection and going for some other add-ons also sound interesting. Below are some accessories for your sweet iPod. Have a look!

Clear TPU Soft Case Cover for Apple iPod Touch – The TPU S-lined case protects your iPod to the maximum extent without letting you face hindrances in the music you enjoy, along with the easy access to the volume control buttons and charging ports. An excellent protection for your iPod.

 iLive Black Wireless Speaker System – This Wireless Speaker System is easily compatible with the iPod through the 30-pin dock connector. The speakers give quite an enhanced effect to the music making you enjoy your tracks stored in the iPod to the fullest. The speakers contain rechargeable batteries which can be charged very easily.

Ion Black iPod Piano Apprentice 25-Note Lighted Keyboard – The 25-note lighted Keyboard contains touch sensitive screen for maximum expression. It is lightweight and has a portable design. It is battery powered though it has also an optional wall adapter for Ac power.

 Ovann Black Green 3.5 mm Jack Headphones – These are quite lightweight and portable headphones made from high – rigidity materials. Also the ear cushions provide comfort to the ears while listening to music. Now coming to the most important feature – Sound –the high fidelity speakers provide clear, transparent and an excellent quality sound making you feel the lyrics and go on with the music.

Keep yourself and your iPod safe and Always Smile!


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