Which Screen Protector should you go for?

The first thing to happen in a cellphone is the scratches on its screen, fingerprints getting embedded on the screen and so on. You go hours and so choosing and deciding amongst several kinds of fancy cases and covers to get one for your cellphone, but forget about the poor screen in it and realize the deterioration in clarity after it starts getting scratches and the text or images appear hazy because of the fingerprints. 😦 So the accessories which you had avoided earlier and now because of which your screen is getting damaged are the Screen Protectors. Let us guide you in choosing Screen Protectors for your cellphone. There are many types of Screen Protectors which can protect your screen in several ways. The basic type of screen protectors are the Clear Screen Protectors which let your screen appear as it is by just adding an extra layer of protection to it. It repels dust which gets accumulated on the screen without affecting the display of the Smartphone. Another type of Screen Protector is the Anti Glare Matte Screen Protector which not only protects your screen rather it reduces the glare under strong light sources giving a soothing effect to your valuable eyes. It also provides UV protection and the matte effect doesn’t allow your fingers to leave their mark.  These are the best ones amongst the rest. Also if you are a privacy concerned person there are Privacy Screen Protectors which work in the same way as the earlier mentioned ones along with the addition of the Privacy factor with it by allowing the views at particular angles. The screen appears clear only to the person viewing vertically keeping the privacy thing intact. One more category which needs a special mention is of the Mirror Screen Protectors which apart from protecting the screen also give a mirror effect to your Smartphone making you to use it as mirror when not in use, but it has many negative things associated like bubble formation, needs quite bright display resulting your battery drainage quite early :(. So as filtered from the above and many more like Anti-Bacterial Screen Protector, the best one which you should go for is the Anti Glare Matte Screen Protector.


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