Gaming can be more fun!

Remember the day when you walked home with your favorite Microsoft Xbox 360. Since then it has been your companion in the times you got bored from the daily monotonous schedule or needed some refreshment to accelerate yourself. How saddening would it be that while playing your Xbox 360 gaming console falls down or unknowingly slips off from your hand and rolls away from the carpet and crashhh…. It gets broken 😦  leaving the poor you all over in clouds of grief!  – It’s a bad dream to appear in thoughts even! So to let your gaming consoles perform all well and keep you at a winning pace in all your favorite games, there are some available accessories to let your little fighters last longer..

gamingcontrollersColored Controller Shells:  Keep your Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller safe and protected in style with this shell. Personalize each of the Xbox 360 wireless controllers with red, blue, purple, golden colors for every member of the family. Works exactly the same as the original shell. All buttons, screws and battery cover are included. Gives a solid plastic protection and makes your controller look different from the earlier one and red, blue, purple and golden colors add extra radiance to them.

Clear Controller Shell: Don’t want a colored Xbox 360, still want to see it protected? Here is the clear controller shell for you. Same as the colored shells but lets the identity of your Xbox 360 maintained by its transparent appearance.

 Get your controllers shelled in the colorful shells and protect them to keep playing and zooming up to new records every time! 🙂


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