“A letter from Charger to the Cellphone”

Hey buddy,

Hope everything is going on great at your end and the letter finds you in absolute blissful and charged state :). Its a long time since we are walking together hand in hand and have got to be with each other in the toughest of the times (when you got badly discharged). It’s a fun being together but sometimes it feels kinda very lonely when you are charged and leave me isolated and alone. So this letter is actually a word of request to you to go for some of my colored companions. Yes I am talking of the colored chargers. This will actually fulfill two things – First you can never get discharged as you can carry me (always) leaving the other one at home and secondly you can manage the completely discharged phase of yours quite efficiently because of the always available option. Also the colored ones will give you a distinct feel and can be spotted anywhere (because of the color factor) in the home quite easily unlike me :(. The associated color factor will not allow the charger to seem like me (like ones) along with the other branded chargers at home, office or anywhere else without letting you to dry out completely.


Going for other chargers is solely upto you, but if you really want to give this letter a space in your thoughts, then visit www.smacktom.com to have a look at my colored pals.Stay Charged and always Smile. 😀

Lots of Love and Happy Charging,

Your one and only Charger till date


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