Adding the flavor of colors to your Electronics….

Your Gadgets have made a solid stroke on your pocket 😦 when you walked with them for the first time from store and so you cannot plan to switch over to a new one too soon. Carrying out with them in the same old way by simply checking mails, chatting with friends, making calls, playing games, etc. gets kind of boring as the time passes. The Gadgets are not just the electronic companions of yours, they also can (if you try) define your persona as well. So performing the same monotonous tasks in a different way or pairing them up with different colored add-ons (accessories), just like the changing fashions of yours can be something to think upon or is worth a try if it seems good. Here are some such add-ons which may charm you and change the mood of your gadgets as well:

 1. Multicolored Universal Stylus Set: Tired of tapping fingers on the screen! Have a break, use stylus and let your fingers rest. They have danced enough on your tunes. Use our Universal Styluses that too in multiple colors. One color a day for the whole week. Can go with your attires also and can let your fingers have some pause from the rigorous tap tap tap!

2. Colored Earphones: Don’t keep on clinging to the poor old earphones that came with your Electronics, they are not their life partners! Keep switching between the earphones by trying the 3.5 mm jack series of Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange colored ones available at Smacktom or you can have the tri pack containing Black, Pink and Blue colored earphones.


With these add-ons make your Electronic life more colorful and treat your Gadgets ! 🙂


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