Give the touch of season to dress your Gadgets – Go RED with us!

Valentine Banner

Every year as the Valentine’s Day approaches, you start planning for the gifts and the goodies as a mark of the token of love. The gifts are actually an acknowledgement of the affection and warmth deep down in our hearts for the people in our life whom we love. So the gifts must reflect the thing called LOVE. These days when technology is at its peak and we are sandwiched between the lesser time we have after work and our daily schedule, the entire credit of connecting us with our loved ones goes to our gadgets be it an iPhone, Smartphones, iPad, Laptops and tablets. So why not express love for our gadgets too by accessorizing them in red or gifting to our loved ones the accessories for their gizmos – the connecting bridge between them and you! We at Smacktom not only care for your gadgets but for the special you as well. We are here again with the dazzling red accessories picked up for you. So wrap your devices in Red and celebrate this Valentine’s day with Smacktom.

1. Red Leather Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Features: This PU leather case is specially custom designed and is a blend of both functionality and style. The case gives it a classy and cute look at the same time and makes things easier for you by covering and protecting it and the cutouts in it allow the access to all the features for your Note. It gives your note an easy stand up along with the 2 most comfortable angles to select. So give your Note a lovely look by this add-on.

2. Red PU Leather Case for iPhone 5

Features: This PU leather case can be used for both the professional and stylish people and it keeps your iPhone protected from scratches, dust and allows the device easily to slip inside. Also it has slots inside which can keep your valuable credentials like credit cards, business cards, etc. safe. The magnetic closing flap keeps the iPhone safe in place and protects it from accidental drops.

3. MacBook Pro 13 inch Crystal Hard Case cover

Features: This transparent hard crystal case protects your 13” MacBook Pro in an extra lovable way as the red color gives a great look to it. The case is extremely tough and durable and fits exactly into the Mac. It also has several ventilations built to allow the generated heat to flow out easily. Also the MacBook with the case reflects your love for it!

4. Red and White Polka Dots Plastic Hard Case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

Features: Polka Dots is the trendiest thing these days which make women go crazy – a good choice for women who own a Galaxy S3. It keeps your Smartphone protected along with giving you a fashionable touch. The case is extremely light and quite durable for use.

5. Trident Apollo Red Black Case Cover for iPhone5

FeaturesThis light duty Apollo case is made of polycarbonate material and is quite slim and flexible and grabs the iPhone tightly. The interchangeable plates on the back allows the person to have two color options. An excellent case for the iPhone users!

So as the Valentine’s day is here today, go ahead shop accessories and protect your valuable gadgets in a fashionable and descent way.Celebrate the season of love in a meaningful way!!


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