Connecting your Mac to the HDTV


Your HDTV has several connections for video than the older one which include 2 – 3 HDMI connections, VGA connector, DVI connector (maybe) and for sure one component of video connection – and these connections are mostly used for High Definition. With your idle Mac sitting next to your Big HDTV, the definition of technology is in a complete vain. So why not hook up your Mac with the HDTV and get the max of the entertainment factor! All you need is a Mini Display port to HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable for the “hook up” thing. Below are the quick and easy steps listed for making the correct connection in between the components which you can do in one go.

Mac with HDTV

  • Plug the HDMI adapter into your MacBook Pro or Air.
  • Connect the HDMI cable into the adapter and also into your big HDTV.
  • A blue screen appears as your Mac detects the HDTV and makes the adjustments accordingly.

Now two case may arise:

Audio doesn’t work – Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output and make adjustments accordingly.

Video doesn’t work – Go to System Preferences > Displays. (Also make verification that your external display has the correct resolution adjusted (1080 pixels for most HDTVs))

  • Click on Detect Displays.
  • Choose the Mirroring option.
    Woah! Your connection is made!

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