Make your MacBook Pro the “It” thing!

top 10 styled accessories for macbook

Case, adapters, charger, headphones, speaker for macbook

The MacBook Pro is a line of Macintosh portable computers introduced in January 2006 by Apple Inc. which have the highest resolution ever and they banged the tech world by replacing the PowerBook line and were the first Apple notebook systems attributing intel processors and are now in their third generation. MacBook Pro is most valued and liked by the School going generations as it is easy for them to do multitasking, accomplish their entertainment needs and many more through it. And protecting this valued thing is a must for everyone in order to get along with it a long way or at least till the school is not over!

Now protecting your MacBook Pro is not a matter to worry for.  You can find the best accessories for Macbook Pro 13 inch & 15 inch with retina display of various styles and colors at, the best online store for affordable and quality Apple Laptop accessories.  We offer best accessories to personalize your Laptop. Our collection is fit for Apple Macbook Air 13 inch, Apple Macbook air 15 inch, Macbook Pro 13 inch retina display & Macbook Pro 15 inch retina display Laptops. You will find perfect accessories for your gadget at discounted prices and fast shipping. So visit Smacktom and have a look at our collection for the widest range of accessories for your MacBook Pro. Before that here are the 10 best ones extracted out and at the maximum discounted prices only for you!

1.    Red Black 3.5mm Jack Headphone For Laptops


Features: Ideal Headphones to Enjoy Music and Internet Chat (Skype, MSN, Google Talk, etc.) along with giving you a cool rock star look with the brilliant blend of Red and Black colors together. It has a built-in microphone which can be swiveled and bent to fit your need, and has an in-line adjustable volume control. It has lower power consumption and it is instant plug and play without requiring any PC driver. It is suitable for all computers, laptops and mp3 players along with 3.5 mm male jack support.

2.    Hot Pink Rubberized Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13


Features: Cover and protect your new 13-inch MacBook in a hard shell case!! And get defended from accidental damages. The case ensures full access to all ports and complete movement of screen. It is engineered for a perfect form-fit that accentuates the cool curves of your 13-inch MacBook with a quality bump and scratch protection and a glossy protective finish. It is one of our best selling and top rated products.

3.    Transparent Rubberized Hard Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13

macbook pro13

Features: Protect your Macbook Pro 13-inch from scratches, dirt, and damages with this high quality rubberized coating PC transparent case and silicone keyboard cover. This see through case lets your MacBook look the same as it is along with addition of  the protection factor to it.  Precise openings allow full access to all ports, buttons, and ventilation holes for efficient heat dissipation.  One can plug in the charger, cable or headset without removing the case.  It has a simple snap-on design for easy installation and removal. The soft, smooth, and durable silicone keyboard cover fits the Macbook perfectly, and provides full protection against dust, liquid pills, or keyboard wear.

4.    Pink i.Sound Fire Portable Speaker


  Features: A must buy product for the music lovers. The Fire portable speakers not only improve the volume and sound quality rather this effect  takes you to a new world by enhancing the overall experience of your music. This portable media speaker can be used in your home, at the office, the beach and anywhere you want to enjoy listening music and also let the “WOW” factor zoom by its attractive Pink color .So go on and enjoy an improved listening experience while watching a movie, playing a game or watching a video on YouTube. It works with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, BlackBerry, Smartphones, Gaming Devices, Audio Players, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, etc.

5.    Rainbow Silicone Skin Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13 / 15


Features: This Silicone skin Keyboard is an excellent add-on for your MacBook. It is not only an eye-ball raising thing for others who don’t have, rather the beautiful mingle of the 7 colors together give a soothing effect  to your eyes. It also protects your keyboard from dust particles getting in between the keys.

6.    Manhattan White Notebook Cooling Pad

 coolling pad

Features: The Manhattan White Notebook Cooling Pad is a useful addition for your Notebooks as it helps in reducing the operating temperature for longer life and improved performance – of course for your MacBook Pro  as well. The inbuilt fans help dissipate the damaging heat which can be hazardous for your MacBook Pro. It has a stylish and functional design with special lightning effects and the in-built USB cable in it eliminates the need for an external power supply. It is universal and fits directly under any Notebook.

7.    Ovann Blue White 3.5mm Jack Headphones


Features: Ideal headphones to enjoy music and a must have accessory for the music freaks. They are not only compatible for your MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Display rather they are universally compatible with all Laptops, MP3 Players, DVD Players with 3.5 mm male jack support. They provide clear sound not only while communication rather they give an excellent sound effect for listening to music. The full frequency stereo sound produces powerful bass and clear treble sound quality. The awesome blend of Blue and White gives a trendy look to the user enhancing his / her looks as well and can be matched with the apparels as well adding to the style quotient.

8.    Tiffany Blue Case Cover for MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Display


Features: Yet another rubberized case to protect your MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina Display but in the hot favorite Tiffany Blue color. One of our most liked and Best Selling products. So what to wait for? Go for it as the stock doesn’t last longer for this one. And let your friends gape at your MacBook Pro!!

9.    Clear Anti Glare LCD Screen protector for MacBook Pro 13 inch


Features: The Anti-Glare Screen Protector provides an excellent alternative to the standard glossy 13-inch MacBook Pro screen. It adds scratch and smudge resistance to the screen converting your screen from glossy to anti-glare. The Anti-Glare finish is enhanced for optimal picture quality, greatly improving on other matte films by eliminating graininess and distortions along with adding a soothing effect for your eyes by the anti glare property.

10.    Red Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display

 Red MacbookPro

Features: Red is the color of the season – the Valentine’s Day! So let your MacBook Pro flaunt the color of love this year along with protecting it by adding this Hard Shell Case to it which gives it a scratch protection and an attractive Glossy finish!

So flaunt your MacBook Pro by these accessories and have the ‘It’ factor associated with you…..For more such accessories your one stop destination is – We accessorize your techies in the best way!


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