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People love their Branded gadgets like cell phones, MacBook and iPad and some will do almost anything to make sure they look as cool and clean as they did when they first came out of the box. Cases/cover are the best thing to give your gadget new look and to keep their shiny devices just like new. There are hundreds of cases customized for just about any kind of gadgets like Armband case, Crystal cases, Holster cases, Hybrid cases, Leather cases, Luxury cases, Soft cases, Rubberized cases and many more.

Smacktom is the best online store for affordable and quality electronic accessories. It has wide variety of Cases best fit to your devices. There are all different designs, colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. So explore our case series and get best case of your choice at discounted prices.

1. Tom’s Leather Series: Case is made from specially manufactured faux leather which gives contemporary and elegant look for your gadget. This covers are designed in perfection with carefully stitched which makes perfect fit with your gadget. The precise cut and elegant look that suits your business attire. We have a variety of these covers for MacBook’s, Smartphone, tablets which make your gadgets look professional and safe. The special feature for this series is that it resists heat generated by your device such as MacBook due to constant use.

2. Luxury Series Case: Hit from the top, bling, colorful, diamond, Rhinestone, gold, silver, glamorous Shinny steel, chrome case cover, hard crafted with numerous designs addressing different taste, style, comfort Luxury case series that gives style for precious gadget this elegant cover transforms your Smartphone to attraction you won’t feel to hide. Available variety for all major gadgets in the market.

3. Crystal Series: Adding translucent color with feel of shade of gadget, crystal cases come with unique protection for your gadgets like MacBook pro / air, iPhone, galaxy s3, etc. with shades like, royal blue, ocean green, raspberry red, crystal clear, etc. this unique ultra thin hard protection for you gadget protects gadget from scratches and bumps giving it shade of life, you can choose from multiple shades and match your outfit making a unique style statement. Contemporary look with protection.

4. Hybrid Series: Bit of Hard, some of soft protects with multiple shades, hybrid series case comes with unique protection to gadgets in all possible manner, i.e., soft high quality silicone protects for shocks and scratches and hard engulfs the gadget keeping that safe and secured. This rugged accessory is a must buy for people serving.

5. Soft Series: Silicone /TPU both serves the purpose of soft wrapping to your Smartphone, uniquely covering and protecting the gear, giving best grip to your gadget. This uniquely manufactured soft series from Smacktom has quality check before all dispatch to verify the maximum stretch ability and perfect fit for your gadget. Your gadget loves this warp.

6. Arm Band: Let the music play!! Keep it on during run, jog, pushups, etc. Armband is must. Avoid clumsy clothing just for making sure your gadget is fine, try new armband series which encircles your bicep and helps keeping music on for your extra mile.
From luxury to rugged, elegant to professional, a style which suits you, color which adores your personality. Protection which is the not negotiated. Choose a style today for your gadgets.


One response to “Best Smartphone, Macbook, iPad, Tablet Cases –

  1. Ola! Smacktom,
    Interesting Thoughts, Instead of me wasting money on a new smartphone, I’m going to keep my iPhone 4S and buy a tablet.

    I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro and having an iPad Mini/iPad would be the ideal choice because I’m basically within an Apple Ecosystem; however, I want something more productive or innovative. I would get the Galaxy Note 10.1, mostly because of the S-Pen and features, but it lags a bit I’ve heard from owners.

    I’m looking for a huge tablet, like 13 in or higher, I might consider switching to a Windows 8 Pro Convertible, but It’s the same as wasting money on both a new smartphone and a tablet off-contract.
    I look forward to your next post

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